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What the Matrioshka Doll Knows 

For quite some time now, I have believed that the truest measure of a society is how its women are treated. I believe you could visit any society and if you looked at the women’s lives, it would be like taking a patient’s temperature. So, this idea is expressed in the matrioshka doll, the classic Russian toy that captures the idea of the generations being perpetuated through the female figure. Indeed a matrioshka doll is shaped somewhat like a womb, and the way I have painted it here, its translucency gives a mysterious and amniotic quality to this normally opaque wooden child’s toy. The painting/collage also says, “The future comes from the children,” and this idea radiates from a sun positioned on a horizon like a new dawn. 

Acrylic and collage with layered glazes on 4" x 6" gallery-wrapped canvas.

Now part of a private collection.

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